The Morchestra Jazz Orchestra

featuring vocalist Clairdee

Saturday, November 4, 2023
7:30 PM

tony corman morchestra

Songs You Thought You Knew

In this unique concert experience, the Morchestra will highlight the key aspects of the arrangers’ art by taking well-known tunes and transforming them, staying true to the spirit while revealing unexpected facets. “Tea for Two” as a 7/4 mambo? Yup. “Scarborough Fair” reimagined by the love child of Coltrane and Aaron Copland?! You bet! Beloved Bay Area vocalist Clairdee will bring an added flare to the revamped renditions.

Arranger Tony Corman says, “We all understand what composers do: they make new songs. And players play them. But the art of the arranger is less well understood. In fact, Richard Niles, who has arranged for Ray Charles, Tina Turner and many other luminaries, wrote a book on the subject titled The Invisible Artist.

Band Members and Instrumentation

  • Saxes: Zack Pitt-Smith, Dick Mathias, Dave Tidball, Guido Fazio, Charlie Keagle
  • Trumpets: Brad Catania, Walt Beveridge, Michael Beveridge, Ian Carey
  • Trombones: Spencer Sussman, Karl Dray, Rich Lee, Bruce Colman
  • Guitar, Arranger: Tony Corman
  • Piano: Laura Klein
  • Bass: Karl Hartmann
  • Drums: Dave Rokeach
  • Vocals: Special guest Clairdee

Enjoy a three-minute preview of Clairdee with the band, but come prepared for a whole new set of arrangements!