Nigel and Clive and the British Invasion




Saturday July 30, 2016, 7:30 pm

Beatles and More!!!


This fun show features a “pretend” British band that just missed becoming as big as the Beatles, the Kinks, the Dave Clark five, etc. by missing their flight to New York to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. Hear some great British Invasion era music (1964-1968 performed by group of musicians from the UK. Come for the music and the laughs!

Here’s a piece of their biographical information:


The boys managed to raise the money by selling everything they could find in their parents’ homes, finally cutting their first single “Please Squeeze Me” in January of 1963 (The lyrics were changed to “Please Please Me” when The Beatles released their version later that year. Nigel and Clive were never given writing credit, as will be explained later). After unsuccessfully pitching the record to BBC radio, they finally caught the attention of Simon “Big Goiter” Pratt, owner of a popular nightspot in London’s trendy Soho district, who signed the lads to a management contract and convinced BBC radio that it would be “in their best interests” to give the song air time, which they did by March of 1963. “Please Squeeze Me” became an instant hit, with screaming fans flooding the radio station’s switchboards, demanding to hear the catchy tune again and again. The uproar led to a public outcry to release Nigel and Clive from the juvenile detention facility where they were being held for the thefts of their parents’ possessions. Bloody Hell Records released them from their contract, which allowed them to sign with a larger label, Black Pudding Records Ltd. In time to release their second creation “I Wish to Embrace the Appendage At the End of Your Arm”, which experienced sluggish sales until The Beatles re-released it as “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. Nevertheless, demand for Nigel and Clive music remained high, and they released their first album “Meet Nigel and Clive” to popular and critical success.