Kathy Kallick Band



April 6, 2019

7:30 pm




We are once again delighted to present the Kathy Kallick Band at our Hall. Kathy is at the pinnacle of singer-songwriters, creating profound songs that speak to us with deep understanding and wit. Bluegrass is her home and she takes all of us with her as she goes on the road. She surrounds herself with an outstanding team of musicians to join her on this journey. Please read on to see what others have to say about her newest CD….And don’t miss the chance to see this band!

Horrible World continues the Kathy Kallick Band’s streak of excellence. As always, her songs are deep and meaningful creations, ones that find a way to speak to innermost thoughts. She balances these heady moments with unconventional renditions of familiar songs … and a trio of instrumentals. The Kathy Kallick Band is one of the strongest, most consistent and satisfying bluegrass bands going.” – Donald Teplyske, Country Standard Time

“Kathy has been a hero and mentor to me for as long as I can remember. On Horrible World, her wisdom, humor, kindness, and deep soul come through in her voice — as well as in the songs. Kathy’s voice is rich with tradition but completely her own. Her songs are witty, loving, and heartbreaking all at once. And then there’s the hot picking! For longtime fans, or anyone just starting to dig into Kathy’s expansive catalog of classic bluegrass and folk albums, this is a must listen!” – Molly Tuttle

“We welcome Kathy’s views, ideas, and solutions (and her surprisingly cheery good-humour), and embrace the spirit of hope in which her songs are written. The sound is most pleasing to the ear, empowering and uplifting in the best tradition of bluegrass. Throughout, the sense of ensemble is enviably strong, the musicianship brilliant without needing to grandstand or resort to easy clichés or moves to prove its point; everything in its rightful place and a constant delight to the ears and feet and mind.” – David Kidman, Fatea (U.K.)

“The Kathy Kallick Band is one of the best bluegrass bands in business today. They have played together for years, and it sounds that way: well-jelled. They have all the elements I like: a strong grasp of tradition blended with creativity that sparks, personalizes, and deepens their music. Kathy’s singing and interesting vision, everyone’s playing and sensitivity to the whole — it adds up to another satisfying recording by this fine band.” – Pete Wernick, Hot Rize