Marina Crouse:

Canto de mi corazón

Saturday, May 20, 2023
7:30 PM

Marina Crouse singingMarina Crouse grew up with a deep love for the Spanish-language albums Eydie Gormé recorded with Los Panchos — always played by her grandmother at family gatherings and celebrations. “Canto de mi corazón” is an all-Spanish album of Boleros and songs in Spanish with a heavy nod to the music Eydie Gormé recorded with el Trio Los Panchos. When performed live, Marina weaves in stories about her childhood and the origins of the music and lyrics to create a very personal and intimate experience. She says, ‘The songs on Canto de mi corazón are such a big part of me; of my past and my present. I really love this music and I hope you will too!'”

Marina Crouse is one of the most notable talents on the San Francisco/Bay Area music scene. Her early classical training is reflected in her powerful and versatile vocal style that creates a genuine excitement in every performance. Blessed with an incredibly expressive voice early in life, Marina Crouse applies her distinctive talents to a wide range of material while delivering an emotional authenticity that consistently cuts deep. “When I sing,” she says, “I feel like I break myself open and let a little piece of myself come out. I’m reaching out to people with hopes to connect on a personal level. And when we do, that to me is better than anything else.”

Joining Marina for this performance will be Danny Caron and Dave Bell on acoustic guitar, Ruth Davies on bass, Vicki Randle on percussion and backing vocals, and Catherine John on backing vocals and violin.

There is a fascinating interview with Marina on KQED’s website, discussing Marina’s life and new album, including some of her videos. Check it out!