Maldito Tango Duo



Saturday November 5, 2016

7:30 pm



Formed in 2012 in Oakland, California, Maldito Tango Duo is the collaborative project between tango musicians Charles Gorczynski (bandoneon) and Scott O’Day (guitar). Their sound is inspired by the   recordings of guitar / bandoneon masters Anibal Troilo, Roberto Grela, Ciriaco Ortiz, Ubaldo de Lio, and other greats. They are also heavily influenced by the contemporary generation of tango musicians who have directly taught and mentored them, such as Ramiro Gallo, Julian Peralta, and Diego Schissi.

Maldito Tango Duo is a dynamic and evolving collaboration, popular both in concert and at the milonga. They focus deeply on tango rhythm and harmony, improvisation, and phrasing to develop a strikingly full and emotionally resonant sound. Scott and Charles use the space and freedom of the small group to personally connect with the music made famous by the major orchestras of tango: Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, and others.