Skyline Concert Choir 18

Note Special Time:

Sunday, December 2, 2018

4:00 pm

Special Holiday admission: $15.00

Skyline College Concert Choir sings “Proud Corazón (Proud Heart)” a program of rhythmically-charged and heartfelt selections of Spanish and Spanish-inspired seasonal choral music in a variety of styles from classical to contemporary.  Selections hail from countries with Spanish influence throughout the world.

Our featured work will be the tuneful “Válgame dios y que tres” (Bless me, O God, Three Times) by the Spanish Classical composer Fabián García Pacheco (1725-c.1808).  A delightfully varied triple Christmas villancico (carol), this work was transcribed from a manuscript in the Música Colonial archive in Guatemala Cathedral. We will be accompanied by professional string trio.

Traditional holiday favorites include “Fum, fum, fum,” “A La Nanita, ” and “Feliz Navidad.” Other seasonal selections include the contemporary Ladino Chanukah song “Ocho Kandalikas” (Eight Candles for Chanukah) and the stirring Tagalog Christmas song “Pasko Na Naman.”

Popular music selections from the Pixar/Disney smash hit Coco, featuring multiple Mexican music genre-inspired songs, such as the catchy “Pround Corazón” and poignant bolero ranchero-style song “Remember Me” by Broadway composer/lyricist super couple Robert Lopez and Kristin Anderson-Lopez.

In honor of the centennial of Leonard Bernstein’s (1918-1990) birth, we will sing a medley from his ground-breaking musical West Side Story, one of the first Broadway musicals to realistically portray Latino-American characters.  Other selections originate from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and other Spanish-speaking countries!