Saturday July 28, 2018

7:30 pm

Dance Party!

The Fingerpuppets are a six-piece rock band–all from Pacifica! We are lucky to feature the incomparable Nancy Hall from the Curios, formerly a back up singer for Neil Young; Rob Wullenjohn, of Blue and Green, who formerly toured for ten years with the Celtic rock band Tempest; Hanne Andersen, phenomenal drummer who also plays with Wall of Blues and played for ten years in Las Vegas. We also have William Oaks, who plays bass and does sound for many local bands and sings a mean “Camel Walk”; Mike Varney, head of Research and Development at Genentech-Roche, who still manages to sing “Good Guys Don’t Wear White,” as well as all the verses of “Hot Rod Lincoln,” while playing rhythm guitar; and Jennifer Ball on French horn, trumpet, keyboards, and vocals, who sometimes sings in Chinese because she has lived in China for two years and has taught 453 Chinese college students English (and so much more!) We play Johnny Cash, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Creedence, The Band, Buffalo Springfield, Lorde, and clever originals, all while throwing fingerpuppets at our audiences. Civilizing the word, one fingerpuppet at a time!     -Jennifer