September 7, 2019

7:30 pm

Rock and Roll Dance

With puppets!

Fingerpuppets is a six-piece, Pacifica rock band (all of us are from Pacifica!) that plays originals like “Carwash Killer” and covers like “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Cinnamon Girl,” and “Taking it to the Streets.” We have French horn, trumpet, keyboards, plus guitar, bass, drums, and lots of vocals and harmonies. We like upbeat, fun music that leans to the ska side. We like to throw fingerpuppets at drunk people. Hope you will help us with that. Our band includes Nancy Hall, who used to sing with Neil Young and now plays with WoodBarry; Rob Wullenjohn, who toured for ten years with the Irish rock band Tempest and also heads Blue on Green; Hanne Andersen, who played drums for ten years on the Las Vegas music circuit and now plays with Wall of Blues; William Oaks, who plays with Bad Jacket along with other local Pacifica bands; Michael Varney, who just delivered UCLA’s 2019 commencement speech about bias in language to 2,300 chemists and biochemists; and Jennifer Ball, who plays French horn, teaches English in China, and used to play with the Free-Range Chickens.

Bring your dancing shows!