Duo Quartet

Note special day & time!

Chris Webster — Nina Gerber and Pam Delgado — Jeri Jones (of Blame Sally)

Sunday March 22, 2020

4:00 pm

Exciting & Original Singer/Songwriters

Generously funded by the Sam Massa Foundation

Duo Quartet – the truth is, this is a band that wasn’t supposed happen.  It started with four old friends thinking, ‘hey, let’s do a couple of shows as a double-bill’: Nina Gerber & Chris Webster in concert with The Pam & Jeri Show (Pam Delgado & Jeri Jones of Blame Sally).  Given that all four women already had stellar reputations in the greater Bay Area, it wasn’t hard to book some high profile venues followed by full houses.
At first each performance stuck to the program – one duo followed by the other duo, with a grand finale of all four playing together.  The duo part was great, but the quartet thing was downright exciting.  Before long the shows featured the four of them playing together, with an occasional “breakout” section. Hence the band, and the name “Duo Quartet.” From an audience point of view, there is something richly satisfying in experiencing these four women onstage with a dynamic raging from tender, ethereal songs to raucous barn-burners. Webster and Delgado sing most of the leads– Chris often expertly playing a washboard while Delgado drives the band with her percussion. But if this were a boxing ring, you’d see coming in from opposite corners Jones and Gerber egging each other on with their guitar-“Goddestry” whipping the band and the audience into a veritable frenzy. With a beautiful set of original music mixed with surprisingly original takes on a few choice covers, Duo Quartet brings to the stage a band that is greater than the sum of its already impressive parts.