Culann’s Hounds





Saturday June 8, 2019

7:30 pm

Traditional Irish

Culann’s Hounds is a hard rocking Irish Traditional Band. Fierce like their namesake, Cu Chulainn, Culann’s Hounds have built a reputation for stage shows filled with high-energy and a ruthless dedication to rocking their audiences. Folk melodies, sensibilities, and stories permeate their music with origins in Ireland, France, and early America. This mash-up of tradition and energy is at once thought provoking, accessible and infectious. The Hounds original material is a mirror of their lives, tales of distant lands, love, elation, and loss.

The band is comprised of Steve Gardner, fiddle, Mike Kelleher,– guitar, whistle vocals, John Tait, bodhran and Dan Duffin, bass.

Please note: Molly’s Revenge will not be playing with the Hounds tonight, as they will be in Utah at a Celtic Festival.