Caminos Quartet Stream

The Caminos Quartet Stream will appear
Here Saturday October 2nd


October 2, 2021

7:30 PM PDT

Caminos Quartet is an upbeat instrumental band that is strongly influenced by Venezuelan Music, Flamenco and Latin American Music. Its original compositions are filled with rhythm and jazzy harmonies that blend into a unique musical language. A performance by Caminos Quartet will take you on a journey where instruments speak while lively rhythms move your feet. You will also hear songs from the Venezuelan traditional repertoire, Flamenco Bulerias and Alegrías, as well as songs and rhythms of the Caribbean.

Carlos Caminos: Guitar
Sascha Jacobsen: Bass
Angelo Tomandl: Harmonica
Vincent de Jesus: Percussion

See Trio Caminos (the core of this group) website here.

Visit Carlos Caminos’ website and see some of his videos here.