County Line Trio

The County Line Trio performs their tribute to the famous Kingston Trio. Their shows are filled with the many hit songs of the Trio and a delightful helping of tongue-in-cheek humor that would make even the Smothers Brothers envious.

With the original Kingston Trio constantly topping the charts with songs like “Tom Dooley,” “Lemon Tree,” “This Land is Your Land,” “Scotch and Soda,” and “A Worried Man— songs so timeless they literally travel the decades with new fans — it is no wonder why in 1969, three guys decided they were going to be a Kingston Trio tribute band. Original members of that band — Millbrae-raised Tod Brendlen on vocals, banjo and guitar, San Mateo-raised Dean Hammer on vocals, guitar and conga drum, and Fort Bragg-born Bud Olsen on vocals and guitar — were so good, the Kingston Trio were fans. In fact, they’ve been called the “museum version” of the Kingston Trio. Recently, Bob Lawrence, once an early part time member of the band, joined County Line as a regular member, playing guitar, banjo and joining in the vocals. This is a return engagement, and a word of advice to ticket buyers, last year’s concert was packed!