John Worley and MoChi Ensemble



May 18, 2019

7:30 pm

John Worley has enjoyed a lengthy career as one of the great hidden gems in the San Francisco Bay Area jazz community. His impressive trumpet/flugelhorn skills combine a sophisticated approach, a warm, rich tone and undeniable lyricism. His original music is swingin,’ and modern, and always appealing.

The Mo-Chi features a blend of jazz fused with original compositions by Mo-Chi members and selections from a vast selection of Jazz Repertoire. The name, Mo-Chi comes from: “Mo” (more) and “Chi” (life, energy.)

Joining John will be Frenchguitarist Sebastien Lanson and Mo-Chi members Wally Schalle, drums; Amy Dabalos, vocals; Murray Low, piano; and Doug Pohorski, bass.

John and Sebastien will also perform music from their recent recording in France, which they presented on tour in the Pacific Northwest in early May, 2019.

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