Art Exhibit

In addition to being a music venue, the Mildred Owen Concert Hall also displays art throughout the year.

Our current show is as follows:

Dennis L. Maness







Landscapes, Waterscapes, and 1 Dogscape

Although I’ve done most kinds of photography—Abstract, Portrait, Dance, Architectural, Documentary, Sports and more, I always return to landscapes as my favorite. The play of light and shadow, the magnificence of mountains and bodies of water, the trees and animals give me satisfaction that no other subjects do.


  • Hula: the Soul of Hawaii. One man show at the San Francisco Public Main Library. 2003
  • Autumn in Yosemite. One man show at the San Francisco Public Main Library, 2005
  • Summer of Love: A 40th Anniversary Memory. One man show at the SanFrancisco Public Main Library, 2007
  • 41 Years, 42 Photographs—A Retrospective. One man show at the San Francisco Public Main Library, 2008
  • Summer of Love and Haight (50thAnniversary). Group show at the San Francisco Public Main Library, 2017.Books:
  • Revolting Librarians. San Francisco, Booklegger Press, 1972
  • Stop! The print is killing me! Celeste West, Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow Press 1972
  • Expanding Media, ed. Deidre Boyle. Phoenix, AZ, Oryx Press, 1977
  • The Haight-Ashbury Map and Guide. Booksmith, San Francisco, 2010
  • Hippie, Inc. Michael Klassen, SixOneSeven Books, Boston, MA, 2015
  • The Hippies: A 1960s History. John Moretta, McFarland Pub. 2017
  • SanFrancisco: InstantCity, Promised Land. Michael Johns, University of Chicago, 2018

Online Exhibitions:

  • FlashesoftheFuture:theartofthe68ersorthepowerofthepowerless.Ludwig Forum Aachen in Germany, Federal Agency for Civic Education of Germany
  • Wearing 1967: 50th Anniversary Exhibition. the Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri
  • “Off the Page “staged reading of Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem. Word for Word Performing Arts Company, San Francisco
  • Haight Ashbury in The 1960s: A Vibrant Hippie History. HuffingtonPost
  • Videos:
  • American Jerusalem: Jews and the Making of SanFrancisco, 2013 • Nice Chinese Girls Don’t: Stories and Poems by Kitty Tsui. 2017Periodicals:
  • Booklegger Magazine. San Francisco, 5 issues.
  • Synergy. San Francisco, 16 issues.
  • The Affectionate Bear. SanFrancisco,Winter,1969-70
  • The Golden Years. Corte Madera, CA, November, 1972
  • Vision 视力 magazine. Bejing, China, July 2014.
  • Advertising for the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, LosAngeles, 2015
  • At The Library. San Francisco Public Library, 2017
  • San Francisco Magazine. June 2017 (Including cover photo)
  • Capital M, a newsletter published in the Metro DC area by American Mensa. January, 2017
  • Modes Pratiques, Revue d’histoire du vetement et de la mode. IRHIS, Institut de REcherches Historiques du Septentrion, Paris, France, 2017
  • Dope Magazine, San Francisco, April 2017

     Come visit our First Quarter Show at
Pacifica Performances, Mildred Owen Concert Hall

January thru March 2018

This show will grace the hall during all of this quarter’s Concerts.