Art Exhibit

In addition to being a music venue, the Mildred Owen Concert Hall also displays art throughout the year. Our current show is as follows:

     Daniele Derenzi

Artist Statement:

Capturing the simplicity of a moment is where I find my passion. I am known to just grab my camera and wander, perhaps with a location in my mind, but never knowing what will be there when I get to the destination or what I will see when I look through my lens.

I have been influenced by the photographs of my grandfather, Denes Istvanffy, as well as other significant photographers, such as Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham, which helped me discover that I too had an eye for photography.

Born and raised in Pacifica, CA, I was an artist from an early age ~ always creating. I started my pursuit of art and photography while attending in high school; it was around this same time I got my first camera.  Starting with the most available subject, our coastal surroundings, I delved in to my first roll of film. I went on to Skyline Community College and it was then I first knew this was what I was meant to do; take pictures; capture moments and create art.  With the mentoring of some amazing teachers, I enhanced my eye and grew into a stronger photographer and artist.

Contact :

Email: danielesphotos@msn.comWebsite:

Cell: (650) 303-1813

 Come visit our First Quarter Show at

Pacifica Performances, Mildred Owen Concert Hall

January thru March 2019

This show will grace the hall during all of this quarter’s Concerts.